pam negrin

Book an Arts Integrated Residency with Pam:   Young Audiences/Arts for Learning - - (410) 837-7577

You and your students can:  stitch - weave - collage - print - build - collaborate - invent. Pam will work with you to design and team-teach a residency that integrates with your goals, your curriculum and the College & Career Readiness Standards.


Possible Curriculum Connections:

Math:  measurement - counting - part-part-whole - geometry - patterns - meaningful use of reading symbols - attention to precision

Science:  plants & animals - environmental stewardship - structures & properties of matter - weather & life cycles - history of planet earth - making charts, diagrams, time lines and maps - earth & solar system

English Language Arts: create and retell stories of all kinds -  develop real or imagined characters and experiences - planning, revising and editing - poems and comic strips - character traits and color, texture, fabrics

Social Studies: Maryland geography - Native American, Colonial American and Latin American History - European history - Cultures from Around the World - Production cycles - Work, Labor and the Industrial Revolution

21st Century Skills:  create - communicate - collaborate - problem solve - innovate


"My reading group began The Odyssey following Pam’s weaving residency. Not only were the students able to make text to self connections with the principal character of Penelope, and her weaving strategy to avoid re-marriage, but the majority chose weaving as a final project. Students were asked to complete a personal weaving and artists statement describing the ways their color and pattern choices reflected themes from the Odyssey. This assignment offered opportunities for students to practice their weaving, explore symbolism and metaphor, and refine their persuasive writing skills." - Sarah, 5th grade teacher, Baltimore City